About me

I’m a polyglot software engineer with over 10 years of development experience primarily in building backend systems for web and mobile applications. In those years I’ve developed a strong interest in architectures and good practices for building and growing systems. I love coding, reading, learning and sharing my experiences with others.

Programming languages wise, Ruby and Javascript (Node.js) are my strong suit nowadays, although I have never left Python aside. I have also used Java extensively in the past the same as PHP. Aside from that, I enjoy spending time testing out different languages across the paradigm and type system spectrum so I’ve done things in my spare time with Elixir, Elm.

Experience Overview: - Ruby, Javascript, Python, Java - TDD, BDD - DevOps - Serverless - Amazon Web Services (AWS), Kinesis, SQS, etc. - MongoDB, Redis, Elasticsearch, DynamoDB, PostgreSQL. - Software architectures - Distributed systems

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